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estetik cerrahi

Cosmetic surgery procedures with calf implants

estetik cerrahi I prepared this web site to provide exclusive information on lower leg reconstructive surgery procedures performed using specific silicone calf implants; this is the only topic of the site. While preparing the web site, I aimed to inform the patients who are planning to have this surgery as well as to be useful to my surgeon colleagues who have limited experience in this surgery. For this reason, web site hosts plenty of technical information, drawings, photos and videos.

estetik cerrahi The number of patients and surgeons, in our country, who have sufficient knowledge about this surgery is limited. Therefore, many patients spend their lives not knowing that their current health condition can actually be improved while some surgeons try to correct these cases using fat or filler injection techniques instead of implant placement (fat or filler injections do not work while calf implants are long lasting!). Trying to eliminate the shape and symmetry deformations of the legs with filler or fat injection techniques will not provide a solution. In such cases, the most accurate solution is calf augmentation or restoration surgery performed using specific silicone calf implants.

estetik cerrahi People frequently ask me questions as they want to know the reasons why I do not prefer fat or filler injection. The answer is clear: You cannot permanently shape the calf with fat or filler injection techniques; these materials will soon disperse inside. The injected fat will soon disperse and the filler will be displaced to the superficial layers of the skin. In addition, injected adipose tissue or filler will disperse over time. However as the implant will be placed right in the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) and will act as a small model of this muscle, it will provide a natural and plump shape.It will not displace easily due to intramuscular placement (injectable fillings available for application shall displace). Implants do not melt over time, however injected adipose tissue and fillers will soon melt.

estetik cerrahi Meanwhile, there are surgeons who place implants underneath the muscle membrane (over the muscle right underneath the muscle membrane). Medical books mention that placement underneath the muscle membrane is also possible; however in line my professional experiences I can say that the implants placed under the muscle membrane shall thin the muscle membrane within 1-2 years and shall become noticeable from the outside. The technique that gives the most natural result, where the implant will not be noticed, is the intramuscular placement. I have explained this subject in more detail under the heading "Surgery".

estetik cerrahi You can always request the removal of the silicone implants in case you are not satisfied with the result. On the other hand it will not be possible to remove the injected fat tissue or fillers; they will disperse into the tissues.

estetik cerrahi On this web site you will find detailed information, pictures, tips and videos about calf restoration surgery with silicone calf implants.

estetik cerrahi You can read our news published in the European Health magazine through the following link (only in Turkish) (click on the picture below; the file is in .pdf format, Adobe Reader is required):

Who are the eligible patients?

estetik cerrahi These implants can be applied to anyone with a developmental muscular dystrophy of the calf muscle (gastrocnemius). The calf muscle (gastrocnemicus) is located posterior to the lower leg below the knee. There are 2 types of muscles here: Medial (inner) and lateral (external) gastrocnemius (Please see here for a brief anatomical information). The visual defects that may occur with regard to the developmental problems associated with this muscle can be corrected in the healthiest and most effective way by using silicone calf implants. This surgery is mainly applied to the following 3 patient groups:

estetik cerrahi Patients with prior polio: In case one of the limbs were affected, there is a difference with regard to the diameter and foot size (shoe size) between the two legs of these patients. The asymmetry between two legs may be corrected by placing the implant in the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) of the affected leg. In case both limbs were affected, implants can be placed in both legs. Sometimes the legs may have be thoroughly affected, starting from the hips. In this case, it may be necessary to intervene also in the upper extremity (Severe polio cases). Despite the opinions stating that it is also possible to place an implant in the upper leg, I would rather inject fat to the upper extremity. Fat tissue injection into the upper extremity is usually a permanent solution and does not melt. Besides; as there is no suitable muscle in the upper extremity into which the implant can be placed, in these cases the implant is placed between the quadriceps (thigh muscles). I do not think that such a procedure is safe as the implant placed between these muscles may be displaced. Therefore, I prefer fat injection in cases where intervention is required in the upper extremity. You can watch my video about severe/difficult polio cases through the videos section.

estetik cerrahi Ladies with thin, crooked-legs (knock knees) (bandy legs problem) and men’s bow legs (genu varum): Very thin legs of women are referred to as bandy legs problem in the colloquial language. Another problem faced by women patients is the crooked appearance of legs due to insufficient development of the inner muscle in the calf. This can be resolved by placing a calf implant in the area, thus reconstructing the calf and closing the gap between the two legs. In this way, the crooked looking legs shall be corrected. The leg deformity encountered in men patients is referred to as bow legs problem in the colloquial language. This situation may also be corrected using silicone calf implants.

estetik cerrahi Those engaged in bodybuilding. The gastrocnemius muscle, which gives the calf a plump appearance, is difficult to develop. It is quite obstinate. Although bodybuilders develop other muscles of their body, their calf muscles may not develop at the same rate. In this case, the desired image of the legs can be provided by placing the implant in the calf muscles.

estetik cerrahi To be frank, by the time I first started doing these surgeries, I didn't think that there were so many patients in our country subjected to prior polio. We were taught that the polio vaccine was administered to every child and that the polio problem was almost completely eradicated; but unfortunately I saw that there are many patients in our society subjected to post-polio syndrome (PPS, poliomyelitis sequelae). These patients suffer visual disturbances with their legs throughout their lives. One or both legs of these patients are thinner than normal due to defective muscular development; that's why they can't wear short skirts, feel uncomfortable on the beach and don't want to exhibit their legs to anyone (I've even met patients who hide their legs from their spouses even though they're married). However, such a situation may be corrected within 1 week and 10 days. The surgery is completed in about 1 hour (if you have the appropriate surgical instruments), the recovery period is around 10 days. It is a procedure aimed at improving the general quality of life of patients.

My article on leg aesthetics, published on Milliyet blog

estetik cerrahi English

estetik cerrahi For my article on leg aesthetics, published on Milliyet blog (Turkish original article) please click here..

How long have I been doing this surgery? What is the "idil dissector"?

estetik cerrahi I have been interested in plastic surgery since the first years of my medical specialization. I have been collecting articles published in medical journals about this surgery since1994, the first years of my medical specialization. Unfortunately I could not have the opportunity to perform a calf implant throughout my medical specialization as this surgery was not well known in our country at that time. Even in 2000, when I started working privately, there were only 1-2 surgeons in Turkey who could perform this surgery. When I started to perform this surgery in 2004, I came across with the challenges and complications thereto. What were they?

estetik cerrahi It was not that easy to place these implants in the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) through a small incision posterior to the knee. After evaluating the challenges of this surgery, I designed a specific surgical instrument that would facilitate the procedure. After modifying the surgical instrument a few times and using it for 7-8 years, I proved its effectiveness and applied for a patent. In 2014, I was entitled to receive its international patent.

Thanks to the patented "İdil dissector", it takes an average of 8-10 minutes to place an implant in a leg. The surgery of both legs is finalized within a total of 30 minutes. We record all our surgeries with GoPro. Here, I ask my nurse the duration after finalizing the surgery on the first leg. The answer is: “Eight minutes!” It took only eight minutes to finalize the surgery on the first leg. The entire surgery (from the beginning till the end) takes around 30 minutes.

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

This is a 5-second clip from the 11th minute of another leg aesthetic surgery. It took 11 minutes for us to place the implant in the patient's right leg. Honestly, this took a while. It’s 8 minutes under normal conditions. When we completed the surgical intervention on the other leg and finalized the operation, the camera's time counter was at 35 minutes. It is the patented “idil calf dissector" of my own design that makes this surgery so practical. Thanks to this instrument, the surgery is completed quickly and easily without any bleeding. It is possible to place the implant exactly to the desired location (intramuscular).

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

A 5 second cut from the 8th minute of a calf augmentation surgery.. It took 8 minutes for us to place the implant in the patient's right leg. When we did the other leg and finished the surgery, the camera counter showed 42 minutes, but a surgeon friend of ours was a guest to watch the operation. The surgery took a little longer when I informed him while he was doing the operation. What makes this operation so practical is the patented "Idil leg dissector", which is my design. Thanks to this device, the operation is completely bloodless, very quick and easy. We place the implant, exactly where we want it (intramuscular). "Idil calf dissector" was a milestone, a turning point for this surgery. Friends who want this dissector can obtain it from Elektron medical. I gave the use of the patent to electron medical free of charge, I do not have any income. Thanks to them, they produce and sell this tool for an extremely low price. Let this tool be our gift to the entire plastic surgery community. It makes things extremely easy. It can also be used in other silicone surgeries (breast, butt, arm)...

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

estetik cerrahi "İdil dissector", which is actually an extremely simple surgical instrument, facilitated the procedure, minimized the risk of hemorrhage during the operation and reduced the duration of the operation from 5-6 hours to 45 minutes.

This surgical instrument, which was introduced to the plastic surgery community with my presentation at the Aesthetics Surgery Symposium in 2016, have currently been produced and supplied by Elektron Medikal to ordering surgeons.. You can watch the video of my presentation at the Symposium through the link below:

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

estetik cerrahi I have never expected any financial gain from the manufacturing company in exchange for the right to use the patent. I just wished İdil dissector to be sold at an affordable price without the expectation of any profit. I wish this groundbreaking instrument in cosmetic calf surgery to be useful for all plastic surgeons in our country.

estetik cerrahi My only wish from my surgeon colleagues is to mention the original name when they ask their nurses to hand in the instrument during the surgery: “İdil dissector”

estetik cerrahi For more detailed information about İdil dissector, please click here.

General features of the surgery

estetik cerrahi This procedure is technically an extremely simple operation, but only if you have the right surgical tools. The operation requires an intervention along the lower extremity, upon entering through a rather simple incision performed posterior to the knee. For this reason, specific surgical instruments are required to prepare the area where the implants will be placed and to place the implants. Thanks to my patented "İdil dissector", this procedure can now be finalized in 45 minutes with almost no bleeding.

estetik cerrahi This procedure is nearly a bloodless operation almost to the end. Bleeding, which is only a few drops, can only occur during the incision. Following the incision on the skin, we reach the muscular fibers and dissect a convenient space for implant insertion. Muscular fibers are not excised, they are dissected so there is no bleeding. Please refer to the 'Surgery' page for details...

estetik cerrahi There are 2 tricks with regard to the procedure (as with all implant surgeries): to correctly choose the type and size of the implant and to insert the implant in the correct anatomical pocket.

estetik cerrahi To correctly choose the type and size of the implant requires professional expertize. All factors such as the anatomy and length of the patient's leg, desired/required fullness in the calf and the elasticity of the skin should be taken into account.

estetik cerrahi Although a subfascial insertion for the implant is also possible, you will achieve the most natural result by intramuscular insertion (exactly inside the muscle mass). Subfascial placed implants may become noticeable from the outside over time. Therefore, in my personal opinion, the correct place for lodging the implants is into the muscle; implants should be placed intramuscularly.

estetik cerrahi The only negative consequence of this procedure is the pain that will be suffered on the first evening after surgery. Implants inserted intramuscularly will cause pain in the first post-op evening when the calf muscles contract. That is why patients are hospitalized in the first post-op evening and administered strong analgesics intravenously.

estetik cerrahi Patients may be discharged the next morning on foot (but in small steps).

estetik cerrahi In case right implant is selected and inserted in the right area, taking into account the characteristics of the patient, this surgery will end with pleasing results. The probability of facing any complications is rather weak. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a satisfactory source on the Internet about this type of surgery. It is nearly impossible to get to the source in the Turkish language.

estetik cerrahi On this site you will find answers to all your questions with regard to silicone calf implants. I think I can clarify the issue by supporting this web site with as many pictures and videos as possible. However, in case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact and ask me questions (you can contact me through the contact information provided herein).


estetik cerrahi I will not be able to mention herein a precise price with regard to the cosmetic surgery procedures to be performed with silicone calf implants. Although the cost of surgery is usually approximately certain, the price may vary depending on the hospitals and the timing of the procedure. For the pricing with regard to the cosmetic surgery procedures to be performed with silicone calf implants, you may directly contact to Dr. Oytun İdil through +90 533 5690649 or Nurse Tuğçe Kırgezer through +90 533 9858087, send me a Whatsapp message to +90 533 5690649 or send an e-mail to oytunmd@gmail.com.

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